That’s the day after my wedding. Maybe I can work this into the ceremony somehow

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Other strange things have happened. During the early pandemic people in my neighborhood used to go outside and howl about 8 PM. I think it was fairly widespread in the US at least. It felt good to vent like that, but made no particular sense otherwise. Surely it didn’t happen without some kind of prompt. Maybe you could research it, find some kind of secret lever to influence mass behavior.

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That was a lot of "THEDAYISCOMING" at the end, man. : )

Had to count it. 480+. Haha.

Pretty silly but I think it would have been cool. Three paragraphs. The first has 28 "THEDAYISCOMING". The second has 10 "THEDAYISCOMING" and the third has (20)23 "THEDAYISCOMING". To signify the date. : )

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You're not the first person to wish for world peace. It's a nice idea, but as long as resources are finite and human desires are infinite, there will always be war.

Putin could be toppled, but by all accounts, by Russian standards, he is a moderate. Be careful what you wish for.

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This is a nice idea. I'm happy to whisper it. What's your plan for the 29th, when the meme has faded to memory and the magic has passed out of the moment, and people forget why they were whispering?

Why did they start warring again after Christmas ww1?

Why did they stop dancing? Why didn't they start again?

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