Phew. Intense topic: You have mega-guts fur even writing on it. So thank you for your courage. This guy terrifies me. I feel saddened and disgusted...and yet I can’t snuff out the empathy I have for a fellow human being, no matter how grotesque and perverted his crimes may be. Oh: he belongs in prison; clearly. I’m not suggesting he should be free.

As a book editor I edited a memoir years ago by a former neo-Nazi skinhead; he’d become an anti-hate activist who pulls people out of hate groups. But man, some of the stuff he did in the nineties? Horrific. Ruthless. There’s a photo of him doing a Sieg Heil at Dachau. Yet he changed. Redemption is a lost art form in our contemporary historical moment, I feel.

Complex, right?


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Great article btw 👌

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Thanks for taking on and confronting this, like you said it makes you strange or suspect to some. I have been taking on the tough topics too but by staring it down you can really open people’s eyes sometimes.


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