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I met Lynn Margolis, many years ago when I was a much younger cat.

I probably didn't come off well, mainly because I was reacting to the way her discoveries were misused for political purposes, while feral cats tend to take a pretty darwinist view of life.

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I am imagining a more inclusive design where the woman is larger to show that we foreground marginalized groups, a different color to show our value of diversity, with shorter hair so that they don't think we endorse conformity to stereotypes, and maybe with a penis to support Trans rights. I am imagining how embarrassed I would be for aliens to find that and realize how sunk we are in the very limited cultural mileiu of our own times and unable to grasp anything timeless or transcendant. So obsessed with our differences, trivial shallow differences that we can't communicate the basic facts of our shared humanity. They would take it as a sign that we were infants mentally, combined with a pulsar map to show that we have more understanding of the cosmos than we do ourselves or our neighbor. And then I imagine them discovering that someone with so little emotional maturity had nuclear weapons and sending Klaatu over to have a talk with us.

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Let's do some fun speculation!

1. Men greets but women stands next to him silently. "Seen but not heard", anyone? But then again matriarchal society are very sparse (percentage wise), and thus it a good encapsulation of humanity...

2. Except it only applies to the "middle class" as Ruby K. Payne noted. Most scientists are middle class in nature, after all. https://philebersole.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/ruby-k-payne-on-understanding-poverty/

3. Notice how far they stand apart... within personal space but not intimate space as per Hall's Proxemics. Kind of atomizing. Does Sagan want a stable marriage or a "soul mate"? He is definitely not the kind of PUA jock that sleeps around though. https://archive.ph/C5CZ7

4. Green Line Test predicts that the woman is emotionally dependent on a emotionally stoic man, harharhar. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/green-line-test-dont-lean-in

TL;DR The Pioneer plaque is 100% this mood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APrBdP0bBJM

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