I would expect the opposite to be true actually. Having few deleterious genetic mutations will lead to better physical fitness and also greater intelligence. And greater intelligence will be negatively related to belief in conspiracies.

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Successful athletes, like CEOs, tend to exhibit extreme self-confidence, even unto vainglory.

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Refusing medical tyranny is a bad thing?! Boo and bye!

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Well, the good news is that Kareem is on Substack

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I see two possible theories here, one more plausible and one less. I think you're positing the more plausible one, but either way distinguishing between them may prove useful.

Less plausible:

There is a general adjectival overlap between physical and mental traits. Kyrie Irving's contortionism applies physically, therefore it applies mentally. A weightlifter will have strong beliefs. A ballerina will have flexible thinking. The causal mechanism is an almost metaphysical connection people have to descriptive language.

More plausible:

We often overestimate the distinction between our mind's thoughts and its control over our bodies. The fact that Kyrie Irving is so quick to attempt to move his body in unorthodox ways and is so talented at both envisioning and executing those movements is indicative of a mental flexibility that we would expect to express itself in other ways as well, off the basketball court. The causal mechanism is the structure of our brains, expressing itself differently in different areas.

Maybe it's obvious to everyone that read the post that you're talking about the second one, but I could imagine someone being confused, so hopefully that was helpful. Personally, the first seems obviously false and the second clearly true (but less useful for making clear predictions about the world).

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It's a shame he's an anti-Semite. 1. anti-Semitism is unforgivable 2. it feels morally suspect to compliment an anti-Semite in any way. He's really good at basketball though. Everyone who knows anything about basketball agrees. otherwise he wouldn't be worth talking about. He'd just be another reprehensible asshole, there's plenty of those. But he's not only not-untalented- he's a generational talent.

If he wasn't such a dumb cunt he'd be the face of the NBA. His handles are otherworldly, his finishing at the rim is magic, and he's clutch. I think part of the obsession with Kyrie for the average Joe is that a normal person can't fathom fucking up that much talent, money, adoration and potential success by simply not "playing ball" with the norms and expectations of their organization. And despite all his fuckery- he's so good teams go out of their way to take a chance on him and pay him millions of dollars. He keeps burning them, and he keeps getting away with it.

It's also uniquely weird to hear such profound nonsense come from someone who is actually really well spoken. He objectively comes across as level headed and articulate in interviews. It's off-putting how calm and confident he his while spewing some seriously backwards ass thinking.

There's 1500 ballers in the NBA- every single one of them is a world class athlete (one of the best athletes to ever walk the earth at a given time, ever). I do believe what separates the 15th guy on the bench from a perennial All-Star- at least in part- is world class mental fortitude.

For Kyrie- it's almost (dare i say it) respectable how willing he is to die on unfavorable hills. He has full confidence in himself and his convictions- in the face of millions of lost dollars and fans. It's that same confidence (sociopathy?) that I think makes him a clutch, steel-hearted assassin on the parquet. The guy really doesn't give a shit. It's unique. Never forget Game 7 against the Warriors. Fuck Kyrie

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